GW2BBCode is a MooTools plug-in for displaying Guild Wars 2 skill icons with info tooltips on your website

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GW2BBCode is released under the MIT license



News & updates

  • Atom feed launched!

Today marks the birth of, the home of the GW2BBCode project.

For now, you can find a preview version of GW2BBCode here, and basic installation and configuration instructions. In the near future, proper documentation will be added.

Other things that are planned are a Twitter account for the project, publication of the project to github and a way for users to comment on, and discuss GW2BBCode. A link to a Guild Wars 2 Guru Forums discussion thread will be added here later as an update to this post.

Update: the ‘official’ discussion and support thread can be found on the Guild Wars 2 Guru Forums.



Please enable JavaScript in your browser to be able to see GW2BBCode in action.


Despite the name, GW2BBCode is not real BBCode: it does not integrate with any bulletin board systems (forums). Instead, GW2BBCode is a stand-alone (it can work with any site), JavaScript-based plug-in: all you need to do in order to enable GW2BBCode for your site is include some additional files and do some very simple configuration. More on that in the installation section.

There is one caveat: GW2BBCode is a MooTools plug-in. If your site is already using a different JavaScript library, this may cause trouble – and even if it doesn't, including two “general purpose” libraries is generally not a great idea, for various reasons. However, that's just the way it is – the author of GW2BBCode loves MooTools, so when he does hobby projects he uses MooTools. Perhaps he will port GW2BBCode to vanilla JavaScript one day, if and when he feels like it.


#{skill name}

GW2BBCode will find text that looks like this and replace it with the appropriate skill icon. That is all.

Skill names are case-insensitive, and skill names can have aliases (time will tell which aliases are desirable; there are none in the system right now). If a skill name doesn't exist in the datastore, GW2BBCode will simply leave the code untouched.

Builds and other features aren't supported right now, for obvious reasons. Support for whatever features make sense will be added after Guild Wars 2's launch.

Technical note: the template for GW2BBCode, as a regular expression, is /#\{(.*?)\}/g. You can customise this through the constructor's options object if you want or need to.


  1. Include the files found in the download in your page(s). The file is optional; it provides some additional utilities for developers. More on that in the documentation. Note that when it comes to MooTools and MooTools More, you can use any version you want equal to or greater than 1.4.0. The files in the download are just for convenience. MooTools should be included first, followed by mootools-extensions.js, Tooltip.js, GW2BBCode.js, GW2BBCode.skills.js and finally if you need it.
  2. Initialize GW2BBCode; simplest case: new GW2BBCode(document.body). The constructor takes two arguments: containers, an element (or elements collection or string selector) and options, an options object. Containers is where GW2BBCode looks for the BBCode, and should resolve to a collection of elements as specific as possible in order to prevent issues with other scripts you may have running (and also for general performance). See the documentation for details.


The GW2BBCode documentation is coming soon!


Please enable JavaScript in your browser in order to be able to see the GW2BBCode stats.


  • Add the remaining skills, naturally (and keep it all updated).
  • Make sure the tooltip never displays outside of the viewport.
  • Clean out unnecessary MooTools extensions and make a list of which MooTools More modules are required.
  • Maybe also support items in addition to skills… that's a lot of work, especially to keep updated, so help will definitely be needed with that.



Overview of all available skills

Please enable JavaScript in order to be able to see an overview of all available skills.